Membership Survey 2019
Thank you for taking time to provide feedback regarding your chamber membership. Continual improvement is our goal, and in an effort to schedule programming that you find beneficial, we need to hear from you. Results will be shared in the November newsletter, along with 2020 programming. Thank you for your investment in our chamber, and the Sauk Prairie Riverway community.
Do you feel that your chamber membership has been valuable and that you have received a good return on your investment? *
If you do not feel your chamber membership has value, please share your thoughts on how we can improve, or the types of services you would like to see.
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Please choose your TOP THREE benefits that you feel you have benefited MOST from the chamber.
Please choose training topics that would be of value to you or your staff for 2020 programming.
Is there a topic that you would like to train and present on to represent your business? If so, please email and state what training topic you would be available to train and present on.
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In terms of electronic communication, do you feel the chamber communicates: *
Which publication is most valuable to you as a reader:
If neither publication interest you, how do you prefer to be notified of chamber or community events, services, or opportunities?
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How can we better serve you or make your membership more valuable?
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Would you like to join a committee or the board for the chamber? If so, what areas interest you? We have areas that work in recruitment & engagement, promotions & brand development, economic development & community planning. IF you are interested in serving, please email and state what area interest you.
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Thank you for taking time to complete the 2019 membership survey. We value your support and look forward to serving you in 2020.
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