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Thanks for your feedback! We love hearing your thoughts, comments, and questions about your experience in the reading. Remember, this form is not so much a place for you to share your advice with us on how to write, but a place for you to share your response to the play. You’re an expert on your own experience as an audience member!
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In a few words or a short sentence, what is this play about? (Or you can fill in the blank: “This play is about ________.)
What moments in the reading were “warm fuzzies” for you? These can be moments that are particularly memorable, dialogue that really engaged you with the story, characters who you connected with, etc.
What questions do you have? These can be questions of confusion – moments you were unclear about plot or character choices, etc. These can also be questions of curiosity – moments in the play that got you thinking, or wondering, about the world of the play.
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