NOW HIRING - English Teacher & University Coordinator
We are an IT outsourcing company located in SE Asia and are currently looking to hire a English Teacher/University Coordinator to join our growing team.

This position maintains and expands our relationships with several of the local IT universities by providing English classes and managing our internship program. This person will be critical in mentoring and building up the dozen or so interns we host throughout the school year and has a great opportunity to have a profound impact on the student's lives.

Previous work experience is important but we are open to training and working with this individual if we feel that they have the right heart and personality fit for our company.

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====Duties and Responsibilities====

- Demonstrate strong leadership in creating an on-going thriving internship program that is considered the best in the city.

- Design, build and implement a program which effectively challenges, mentors and nurtures our interns with both hard and soft skills training in order for them to be fully equipped and prepared to be hired as full time employees.

- Collaborate with the Management team to evaluate, analyse and continually improve how our internship program has eternal impact on our interns.

- Build and maintain strong relationships with the universities deans and instructors.

- Plan, build and implement a robust recruitment process that effectively allows us to find the right candidates to join our program.

- Provide weekly English classes at the company and university and create class curriculum and materials.

- Provide impactful English and life skills training to interns.

- Mentor, guide and build up interns on an individual level.

====Required Skills====

- Degree from a Higher Educational Institution and preferably a TESOL certification (or equivalent).

- Preferably 1-2 years teaching experience in a classroom setting

- Excellent organisational, planning and time management skills

- Excellent teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills

- Ability to multi-task, analytical and problem solving skills and a great attention to detail

- Strong verbal and written communication skills

- A passion to work with others, willingness to learn and a good attitude.
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