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Ahead of your reading please take a moment to answer the questions below.

To get the most out of your Astrology Reading, try to consider what you would most like to get out of your session, particularly if there’s something pressing your mind, an issue you’ve been struggling with, a perplexing or confusing matter, or simply clarity that will help you in becoming your best self!

I am here to help, with guidance and a way to affirm you on your journey through life, pointing out the planetary influences both at your time of birth, right now (transits, transiting planetary influences, timing techniques), as well as in the past and future.

We can undergo a general Astrology Overview or be much more specific in your session.

It will really help me to prepare by knowing your preferences and more about you ahead of time, including how much you already know and understand about your birth chart and astrology in general!

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Part One: Your Information
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Part Two: Due Diligence
These questions are necessary for me to ask, ahead of our consultation.
How accurate is your time of birth? *
Would you like more time to locate and confirm your birth? In this instance, I will wait for confirmation, not getting to work on your data until I have a confirmed birth time from you! *
If you are unsure or have NO time of birth, are you happy to proceed knowing that the accuracy of the astrology reading is based on timing techniques? *
Part Three: Knowledge of Astrology
These questions are to help me get to know you and your level of understanding around the subject of astrology.
How would you classify your understanding of astrology?
Have you had an Astrology Reading before?
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If yes, was it with me or another astrologer?
Were you happy with the reading? Please feel free to offer as much or as little information as makes you comfortable!
Part Four: The Focus Of The Reading
To get the most out of our session and maximise our time together and the prep work I undertake, it’s helpful to know more from the following…
Do you know what you would like to focus on?
If yes, please offer an indication of your interests, or what you hope to get out of the reading *
Being aware that we won’t be able to cover everything in a 1 Hour time frame, please choose from the following. What appeals to you the most?
Is there anything you would like to skip over? For example, if you already understand your birth chart and basic astrology, you may have a good grasp of your natal placements. You may have awareness of a particular planet – i.e. the Saturn Cycle. Let me know what I can disregard for you!
If looking at a particular period of time, please provide any relevant dates you would like to be included in the discussion. For example, if you are interested in looking at a relationship, include when you met, when you married or got together, when you broke up or divorced.
Part Five: More Information!
I like to get to know you as far as possible, as I work with locational astrology too.
Are you currently located in the area you were born? Please feel free to let me know of any major moves, time spent living in other places (away from your place of birth) if you would like me to touch on this in the reading.
How did you find out about me or
How did you find out about the reading services?
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