Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador Application
Year 2019-2020 You must be between the ages of 17 and 22 years old as of January 1, 2019. * note age change
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First Name *
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Date of Birth *
Parent's Names *
How did you hear about this contest? *
I have completed the membership application at http://ohiosheep.org/osia-membershipform.html , I am a current member of the OSIA. *
Please provide a 1 page typed resume including involvement in lamb and wool activities, photograph and 2 references. *
If chosen as the Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador, I understand I am expected to be at the Ohio State Fair Sheep Shows, Hall of Fame Breakfast and Sale of Champions beginning Sunday July 28th-August 4th. *
I understand that it is not mandatory but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that I participate in the Guys and Gals Lead competition. That is a separate entry that must also be submitted by June 20. *
Why are you the best candidate for the Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador? *
How did you get your start in the sheep and wool industry? *
Share with us your favorite lamb recipe. *
The barn at the Ohio State Fair may be the only experience some people have with sheep. What are some things that you could do to improve this experience and interaction for non-agricultural individuals? *
What makes Ohio unique when it comes to the sheep industry? *
Social media can have a great influence on any audience. In what ways would you use social media to positively impact the view of the Ohio sheep and wool industry? *
Who is the person who has most impacted your involvement in the Ohio sheep and wool industries? Share why. *
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