UUAA (Zoom) Room Application Form
IMPORTANT COVID-19 NOTICE (Posted 3/19/2020 @ 10:47 am)
Due to Michigan and county requirements/guidelines as well as decisions by the UUAA Board of Directors and ministerial team related to COVID-19:

***All events, services, classes, and meetings scheduled to occur at UUAA are cancelled or postponed until further notice, and that aspirational time when our wonderful building reopens.***

For more information, please first refer to status reports on the UUAA homepage (uuaa.org) and Congregational messages via email.
Welcome to our new UUAA (Zoom) room application form!

The form is NOW OPEN to representatives of all Recognized Congregational Groups.

Please have patience with us as we navigate this new process for reserving rooms in the Zoom virtual space. We didn't beta test this much in order to get it online quickly. Submit bug reports, questions, and comments to room@uuaa.org

We refer to you below as the "Applicant." Please provide YOUR email address. If you submit a complete form, we immediately send a receipt, with an optional copy of your entries, to this email.
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