Tasmanian Debating Union Complaints Page
Use this form to bring complaints about events occurring at Tasmanian Debating Union activities, including complaints about breaches of the Code of Conduct or about adjudicators' decisions, to the attention of the TDU.

Complaints submitted through this form will be received by the TDU's President, Kathryn Ellis, and Chief Adjudicator, Vivian Imbriotis. If your complaint is about either of these people, please direct your complaint by email to the Secretary at secretary@tdu.org.au. Complaints will be kept confidential, except to the extent required to investigate any complaint.

All complaints will be investigated by the Chief Adjudicator, although our ability to investigate complaints may be limited if you choose to make a complaint anonymously. We will aim to conclude all investigations within two weeks of receipt of the relevant complaint.

Would you like to make this complaint anonymously? *
You are welcome to submit a complaint anonymously, but please be aware that our ability to respond to anonymous complaints will be significantly limited.
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