3rd Zanjero Cup & SA Yearend Party
--||| DETAILS |||--
16 Dec 2017, Signature Park condominium function room (directions: http://gothere.sg/maps#q:signature%20park).

We will have a 8-9 game Scrabble tournament to kick off the day.

Following this, we will be holding a yearend party for our SA members. Dinner will be catered.
You may invite up to non-member guest(s) to the party - please confirm beforehand using the form below.

Fees for the events are:
3rd Zanjero Cup: $10 for SA members & students, $15 for non-members
Bring another $5 for packed lunch (optional)
SA Yearend Party: $5 for SA members, $8 for non-members

Sign up for both events through this form by 14 Dec 2017!
Please email secretary@toucanet.com or treasurer@toucanet.com if you have any enquiries.


3RD ZANJERO CUP (tournament format, divisions and prize structure to be determined after closing date)
9.15 - 9.30 am: Arrival & Registration
9.30 am - 12.30 pm: Games 1 to 3
12.30 - 1.00 pm: Lunch (packed)
1.00 pm - 6.30 pm: Games 4 to 8 or 9
6.30 pm: Conclusion of Tournament & Prize Presentation

6.30 - 7.00 pm: Arrival of Members and Guests, Setup
7.00 - 7.15 pm: Opening Remarks & Sharing of Year's Happenings
7.15 - 9.45 pm: Dinner & Yearend Party

--||| TERMS & CONDITIONS |||--

The organisers reserve the right to change the format of the tournament as deemed appropriate. The tournament will be played to CSW15. WESPA Rules Version 3 shall be adopted for use in this tournament, with a copy being available at http://www.wespa.org/rules/index.shtml.
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