WNC Bandmasters SEMPA ENTRY form 2020
WNCBA Solo and Ensemble MPA will be May 7th 2020. Directors please see the WNCBA website or emails from the WNCBA president for more information and to download/print your paper registration form.

Online entries on this form are due by April 24th. Please mail the registration form on time and be sure it is postmarked no later than April 8th 2020.


Adjudication will begin at 3:30 PM. We generally schedule the youngest students first and progress by average age of the performers. If your ensemble and/ or performer has a special need for an adjudication time please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Don’t forget to bring a copy of the score for each solo or ensemble for the judges!

BYOD: A piano and stereo with aux stereo input will be available in every room. From now on, smart
music will not be provided by CCMS. Students should be able to bring their personal or school-owned
CD’s, MP3/4 players, iPod, iPad, laptops etc.

I will attempt to place all students who select "yes" to piano accompaniment into a room with a Yamaha grand piano.
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Stage Performance Opportunity: Students will have an opportunity to perform onstage for a rating. Stage performance is not guaranteed and will be provided at the discretion of the SEMPA chair person on a first come first serve basis. Directors please choose a confidence rating on the performer(s) or select that they do not want to perform on stage. Confidence rating is 1=low 5=high *
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