Copa Comunidad LA 2017: Event Registration
Registration is now open for Copa Communidad in Los Angeles, May 26–29, 2017.

REG FEE: The registration fee is on a sliding scale of $40–$60. This covers the cost of meals, field rentals, first aid, and other incidentals. Please contribute as you are able. No one will be turned away for lack of funds to pay the reg fee.

SHIRTS: Orders for shirts are no longer being accepted. Inquire within at Copa, in case we have extras!

SCARVES: Very limited availability. Email Johnson ( for more info.

The fee may be paid in advance via Venmo to @LA-Futbolistas (Xochil Karina) or PayPal as “Send money to friends or family” to Contact us at if we need to work out another means.

For updates and additional information, check out the Futbolistas website:
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Orders for swag are no longer being taken. Inquire within at Copa for extra shirts. As of May 19, scarves are very limited in availability. Email Johnson ( for more info.
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Copa cannot happen without the tireless work of volunteers. Help is needed with tasks such as food prep, setup and cleanup, drills on the field, first aid, and childcare, among others. Can you pitch in?
We serve food that feeds our politics whenever possible. This means we do our best to support farmers and locally owned stores. Help curb food waste by giving us your best guess as to which meals you'll be joining us for and what you eat.

We also encourage you to bring your own reusable plates, cups, forks, knives, and cloth napkins to Copa events.
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Housing and Transportation
Housing and transportation is part of community building during Copa Comunidad. LA folks will host out-of-town visitors in their homes and provide transportation as needed to and from Copa events.
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Antifascista Futbolistas: Construir para vivir
Copa Comunidad is a celebration of fútbol and community among the Left Wing family of teams and other compañerxs flung far and wide. We welcome people of all genders, all skill levels, and all abilities — especially folks who are traditionally not welcome on the soccer pitch.

Ours is a passing game, one where we strive to make sure everyone gets a touch on the ball, where we seek to help build each other's skills, and where the score is always 2–2.

All comers are welcome to Copa Comunidad, regardless of their ability to pay or register or whether they have ever played a Left Wing game. We ask only that, should you invite newcomers to Copa, you embrace them in the spirit of Copa Comunidad, and that you share with them and encourage the 2–2 principles of Left Wing football as we know it.
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1-2-3 LOVE! See you in LA!
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