Unite with Might
We are uniting together to stand against hate and to promote ​​​​​​​hope, love, and inclusion for all of our neighbors!

Sometimes it seems that there is so much hatred in the world that it is impossible to know what to do next.  But changing hate to hope, loneliness to love, paranoia to peace, isolation to inclusion, starts with us.  The beloved community.  We are mighty when united for causes that uplift the values of hope, love, and inclusion.  Hence the name, Unite with Might.

On August 11 and 12, Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, leaders of the alt-right movement (Unite the Right) that marched in Charlottesville, VA, are having a rally in Washington, D.C. and hope to also rally again in Charlottesville, VA, where a young woman, Heather Heyer, was killed by alt-right marchers.

Washington, D.C., National Parks Service has approved the alt-right's permit to gather.

In my faith tradition, the table is where everyone is welcome, included, and finds connection to the ineffable mystery beyond our understanding. And so we propose gathering around food. This is a different kind of gathering. A gathering in each of our communities and each of our homes that opens our doors and hearts to everyone.

Churches, Synagogues, Masjids, and other Religious & Cultural Communities! Hold picnics and BBQ's! Read prayers of inclusion!
Cities, towns, and counties! Make statements of inclusion for all citizens!
Schools! Ensure that your students know that hate speech is unwelcome and teach them the hard parts of history!
Families! Discuss the history of white supremacy with your children!
Bloggers! Splash the world with a voice that proclaims that this is a new day!

Make a public stand that the alt-right will not win the day. Love always wins.

Please sign on and let us know if you will be holding an event or making a public statement or declaration where the values of hope, love, and inclusion will be uplifted.  We must let the world know that hate will not win!  And that our numbers are much stronger than the puny amount they expect to rally.  We are strong together!  Mighty!  #UniteWithMight !

Rev. Terri Jane Stewart

#UniteWithMight #LoveYourNeighbor #TheTableIsOpen #AllAreWelcome

PS: We promise to never send you emails for anything other than another Unite with Might event that stands against white supremacy and the alt-right.

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