NJCAHT Slave Free Commerce Committee Form
Thank you for your interest in joining the Slave Free Commerce Committee. Our Committee works toward the eradication of slavery and slave-made goods and products from commerce through awareness, coordination, and advocacy activities. Our focus includes international supply chains of goods and workers, the role of State and local governments in achieving the eradication of modern slavery through their procurement decisions, and ending the presence of slave-made goods on the shelves of local stores.

The Slave Free Commerce Committee typically meets every 1.5 months via conference call in the afternoon. In order to best serve your interest, please complete the following survey. Please allow 2 to 3 days for a response. Thank you for your interest.

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A copy of the form will be emailed to the address you provided. A member of our committee will follow up with you. Thank you for your interest in working with us.
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