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Thank you so much for your interest in participating in the lives and ministries of Celebrate Messiah New Zealand workers!

The word “internship” suggests training, and our hope is that you, as a follower of Jesus, are most interested in becoming “…rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught…” (Colossians 2:7). We are a normal folks with normal strengths and weaknesses, but we trust the Lord that our experience of living and working together with you will enable all of us to progress toward our shared goal of becoming rooted, built up, and established in the faith. Please keep that goal in mind as you fill out our internship application.

The information you give us will help shape your experience here. We will use the things we learn about you to find where you as an individual will fit best in the camp and ministry. Before you fill out the application, read through the ‘Expectations’ section. You’ve probably already received a good deal of this information, but there are some things we want you to fully understand from the outset!

Life as an Intern: What to Expect

The Campground Home is the “rural farm house” variety of home, meaning that - with all the activity that goes on - we’re probably not going to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens. So if you’re used to quiet households with floors you can eat off of, you may want to bring some tranquilizers to calm your nerves.
If you are coming to volunteer at our campground, will be staying in the manager’s residence, so don’t worry about bringing linens, pillows or towels unless you have special needs that would require it. You will likely share a room, so keep that in mind. Although we don’t expect your room to be spotless, we would appreciate it if you would keep things neat.

The Schedule during the summer months is fairly intense, but there is also plenty of kick-back time during most days. We begin each weekday morning by gathering together for Bible study and prayer. The division of labor requires jobs to be done at various times of the day, so breakfast and lunch are do-it-yourself affairs, while dinner (“tea”) is usually enjoyed together as a family. We will make an effort to meet health-related dietary needs (something prescribed by your doctor, or an allergy), but you will be expected put aside dietary preferences (something not recommended or prescribed by a doctor, such as sugar free, gluten free, Himalayan berry muffins, etc).

Day-to-Day Life before Boxing Day (December 26) is a bit more relaxed than after, when the work day begins early and ends late. During the busy summer season, a typical day will begin at 7:30am (for family devotions) and end around midnight or later. Only those assigned to night cleaning duties or evening activities will need to work that late, so don’t fret if you’re not a late-night person; we’ll make it work for your body clock.
Unless we are extremely busy on the camp (such as the month following Christmas) or weather is uncooperative, we host evangelistic outreaches every week. Setup begins around 4:00pm and we will pack up around 8:00--9:30pm. Generally, you will be expected to take part in these outreaches.
If you are going to be with us during the shoulder months on either side of the busiest season, you will be primarily involved with outreaches and camp maintenance, but the daily schedule will be much less hectic.

Church Culture, like almost everything else in New Zealand, is extremely informal. When it comes to clothes, we simply ask that you have a neat, modest outfit to wear; perhaps a pair of shoes other than your work/hiking boots. Gentlemen, you need not bring a tie. Ladies, dresses or skirts are fine but certainly not required. Bring something in which you will be comfortable, and don’t worry about dressing up.

Because of our ministry responsibilities, it isn’t possible for everyone on the camp to go to church services each week, but it is something we do as often as possible.

We Live Out in the “Wop-Wops”, 50 kilometers from the nearest town (Oamaru), so please don’t expect to be able to pop into town whenever you need to fill up on Starbucks (which, come to think of it, is 4 hours away). However, if you have a full driver’s license, a good driving record, and aren’t traumatized by driving on the left side of the road or being stopped by herds of sheep, you will be allowed to use our car occasionally.

Touring the South Island is a must! While you’re in New Zealand, we hope you’ll be able to do some personal touring, at least through the beautiful South Island, so consider the option of building in some travel time to your itinerary. We’ll be delighted to help you with your plans, but (obviously) you will be responsible for the expense of your extra travels, as well as the purchase of souvenirs and other non-essentials you wish to acquire during your stay.

We are happy to provide you with accommodation at no charge throughout your period of volunteerism. Regarding food, it costs us about NZD$8/day (USD$6) to feed each intern, so if you are able to contribute toward that expense, we would be grateful. However, if that would present a hardship, we will absorb the cost.

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Tell us about your relationship with the Lord. This doesn't have to be a gushing testimony; just let us know where you are in your walk with Him. Or, if you haven't started one, tell us about your thoughts about and/or experiences with God. We are interested to hear what’s happening in your life, spiritually.
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We would love to help you reach your spiritual goals, therefore we encourage you to write down some specific, personal goals/objectives that you hope to fulfill during your time with us. These goals may look something like the following: Spiritual objectives (e.g. to become better equipped to share your faith); Personal objectives (e.g. to overcome anger or selfishness); Skill-related goals (e.g. to become the world’s best toilet cleaner!) If we can identify your goals from the outset, we will be better able to address your needs and evaluate your progress.
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Besides the Bible, what books/authors have inspired you the most?
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What are your dreams (not necessarily your plans) for the future?
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If you had all the resources you could ever need and you knew you could not fail, what one thing would you seek to accomplish?
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What are your spiritual gifts? It’s a good idea to ask those who are observing your life, such as your parents or closest friends.
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You are neither qualified nor disqualified for this program based your skill sets or lack thereof. Knowing your skills and experience will help us plan for the coming season, and how to best utilize your unique talents. Tell us about any special skills you have including, but not limited to areas such as music, public speaking, computer maintenance, cooking, carpentry, teaching, electronics, desktop publishing, crafts, etc. If possible, give us an idea of your skill level/experience. (e.g. play guitar recreationally; cook twice a week for family; electrician’s helper for 1 year; Sunday School teacher for primaries for 2 years, etc.). If you have already prepared a resume for some other application, you are more than welcome to email it to us and just make mention of it here.
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What are your pet peeves?
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We’d like to know a bit more about your personality! How do others describe you? Each of us is a bit quirky in some way. What’s quirky about you? What else do you want to tell us about yourself?
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We are excited about the opportunity to welcome you. One of the things we as a family enjoy is a healthy level of accountability. How open are you to allowing us to speak into your life in areas (such as conduct and appropriate activity) while you are with us?
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Have you ever been on a mission trip or service trip?
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If no, is this your first time traveling alone apart from your family?
Are there any physical conditions or dietary needs that we should know about?
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How would you fund this trip? Would you receive any amount of support? (If you are raising support, let us know if you need some pointers on writing appeal letters to prospective donors. We’re happy to help!)
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What length of time are you able to commit to working with us? We’d appreciate the most specific time frame you can give us.
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How did you hear about us?
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Do you have any further questions about our ministry?
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