Cryotherapy use after total knee replacement
We are conducting a short survey of orthopaedic departments to investigate the use of cryotherapy (or ice) following total knee replacement (TKR).

This is to support an application for a randomised trial, depending on the findings of the survey. Survey responses will be completely anonymous, and it is quick to complete (approx. 2 mins).

Thank you for your help and time in completing this survey.

Kind Regards,

Mr Andrew Metcalfe
Orthopaedic Surgeon and Associate Professor
University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire & Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
1. What is the name of your institution and where is it based? *
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2. Is your institution NHS or privately commissioned? *
3. What is your job title and grade? *
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4. Does your department use cryotherapy (ice) in patients post TKR? *
5. Which factors influence your decision to not use cryotherapy?
You may end the questionnaire here. Many thanks for your time.
6. How many patients receive cryotherapy? Please choose the most suitable option.
7. Which factors influence your decision to use cryotherapy?
8. Which clinical features influence your decision to use cryotherapy?
9. Do you apply cryotherapy combined with compression?
10. Which device do you routinely use to administer cryotherapy?
11. Which factors influence your decision to use this device?
11. At what stage is treatment initiated post TKR?
12. What is the duration of each treatment session (min)?
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13. What is the frequency of application of cryotherapy?
14. What is the overall length of course of cryotherapy?
15. What exact temperature do you hope to achieve with cryotherapy?
16. Do you advise patients to self administer cryotherapy at home?
17. What complications have you observed from administering cryotherapy?
18. Is each device used to treat a single patient, or re used for multiple patients?
19. If multi patient use, how are the devices cleaned and decontaminated between patient contacts?
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20. How are the devices protected from soiling by wound exudate or blood?
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21. Does your department use cryotherapy in patients post total hip replacement?
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