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Right after the two most important keynotes of AWS, we want to organize a virtual community event to discuss new launches and answer questions from the audience. The session is 2 hours, and every guest is online for 20 minutes. You'll be live with a host and approximately 2 other guests. Topics or questions appear on the screen (like an announcement to discuss). The host will lead the conversation.
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We think our audience appreciates a diverse group, therefore we limit the number of guests from a single company. So check with your colleagues who should represent your company. The person who should have the best chance to get selected should enter '1'. This field is only used when your company has multiple applications.
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Choose as many as you want, but you must be a specialist in this field. So, you have experience, hold certificates and you are able to answer many questions from the audience.
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You confirm to have a wired mic, proper camera, sufficient ambient light, wired network, no vpn, stable internet connection. In case your sound is too bad, you will be removed from the stream. You know this is a community event, so keep your answers short to give everyone a fair share in the stream, no marketing, no sales, and not violate the aws community code of conduct. Your information will be shared with the organizers.
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