uWave Sweet Spots
MAKE IT MORE FUN FOR EVERYONE! Document good, publicly accessible microwave operating locations (knowing that they work nicely for VHF and UHF, too).  Newbies can check the map for places to activate and YOU get more contacts for your log!

We will verify each submitted location and post it to the map for all so see.  CROWD SOURCING ROCKS!

NOTE: Create a NEW record for EACH location you are submitting.
NOTE: If you are submitting an UPDATE or a CORRECTION, please indicate so in the "General Notes" section below.
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Suggested Location Title (e.g. - "Whiteface Mtn", "Font Hill", "Skyway Dr.", "Cell Site", "Ranger Tower", etc.)
Sweet-spots' Maidenhead Grid6
Sweet-spots' actual location within the Grid6.  Visit: http://maps.google.com and mouse-click on the operating location. Copy the URL and paste it below. *
Sweet-spots' UN-obstructed local horizon out to a km or so (Check EACH ONE that applies - Example: If "open" to North through East and also SW, check N, NNE, NE, ENE, E and SW individually. We will assume all other directions are obstructed within a km from the location).
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Sweet Spots' General Notes (Best UN-enhanced 10 GHz DX [in km] & your power/antenna used, etc).
Submitter Name & Call Sign (yes, you will receive credit for an accepted submittal!) *
Submitter e-mail address (if we have questions, will NOT be posted publicly) *
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