Africabrokers - Investment Readiness Survey
This is a high level survey that tests whether your business is Investment Ready for mergers & acquisitions.The survey is by no means definitive as we have a much more comprehensive and detail procedure to firmly establish Investment Readiness. It is however an excellent indicator of where your business is at this point in time in terms of Investment Readiness for possible mergers and acquisitions.No more than 5 min of your time is required to complete the survey.

Instructions : 1) Complete the 30 questions below.
2) Fill out your contact details in the form provided.
3) Click the "SUBMIT" button .
4) We will personally contact you within 24 hrs with your results.

What Industry sector do you operate in ? *
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What is your estimated market share ? *
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What is your annual Turnover ? *
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Where is your business located ? *
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Are you interested in selling your business? *
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Does the business have an effective strategic management plan in place?
Is there an effective performance management system in place?
Is there a sales and marketing strategy in place?
Do you have an effective team work ethic in your business?
Is there an effective human resource strategy ?
Is there an effective risk management strategy?
Is there an effective budgeting and financial management strategy in place?
Do you have an innovation and product transformation strategy in place?
Are your tangible and intangible (Intellectual property and people) assets optimized and revenue producing?
Is the organization positively in a solvent financial position?
Does the business have sufficient positive cash and access to cash resources (liquidity)?
Is the business lowly geared (low borrowings)?
Is the business making consistently good profits?
Is the business showing constant positive cash flows from operations?
Does the business have a range of diversified and quality products/services?
Does the business have a loyal and growing customer base?
Does the business have a diversified, solid and reliable supply base?
The business has competent, reliable and loyal management?
The business has competent, reliable and loyal subordinate personnel?
Is there good corporate governance practices, procedures and systems that work?
The business’ Annual Financial Statements are independently reviewed or audited?
The business is NOT subjected to current or proposed legislation/regulation that will affect operations adversely?
The business has excellent internal controls and procedures in place to prevent fraud and theft?
The business regularly identifies operational & financial risks,and implements risk management and mitigation plans?
The business has an updated and suitable succession plan ?
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