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Have you had a psychedelic experience that you are still trying to work through or make sense of? Are you preparing for a journey and have a lot of questions or looking for support? Navigating the psychedelic space can be confusing, but you do not have to do it alone! We are here to support you through your process and help you develop meaning around your experience so that you can integrate the experience into your everyday life!

Packages include - Our Navigating Psychedelics Course, a physical copy of our Trip Journal and Integration Workbook, Slack community and email support, and extra online course material.

* One Month (4 Calls) - $599
* Three Months (12 Calls) - $1,575
* Six Months ( 24 Calls) - $2,899

*One Call (Integration consulting) - $150
*Check-In Calls - $125

Group Coaching
*Group coaching is in development. If you're interested in a group coaching model, please let us know and we will update you as the group format develops.

**Please note - I do not provide mental health counseling services. Psychedelic integration coaching is a peer-support coaching program. If you are seeking counseling or therapy services, please seek the appropriate treatment.
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