Endeavor Hall Parent Survey 2017–2018
I have children in grades: (Check all that apply)
Mission & Philosophy
Endeavor Hall serves students desiring to acquire superior writing skills in the context of an academically challenging curriculum in preparation for success in collegiate studies, careers and civic communications.

Academic success is the primary goal of Endeavor Hall. The foundation of our instruction focuses on mastery and fundamentals. We also believe that to maximize a student’s potential for academic achievement, each must develop a lifelong love of learning.

It is our responsibility to empower students to recognize and attain achievement today to set a foundation for future success.

The written word has played a fundamental role in the building and progress of our society. As our students take part in effective written communication, they will be prepared to be builders in their communities.

Strategic Plan
A copy of Endeavor Hall's Strategic Plan can be found at https://endeavorhall.org/dynamic/content/1129/562/strategic%20plan%20eh%202017.pdf
I have read the Strategic Plan.
I agree with the Mission and Philosophy of Endeavor Hall.
I feel that the administration is following the Strategic Plan of the school.
My student is receiving ample writing instruction.
My student receives academically challenging curriculum appropriate to grade level.
My student has had the opportunity to be recognized at Endeavor Hall.
My student has adequate time in the library.
My student has adequate time in P.E.
My student has adequate time working on computers.
My student has adequate time in music class.
My student has adequate time in art class.
I like the current school lunch program.
The school provides ample opportunities for me to volunteer.
I prefer volunteer options that I can perform at home.
I prefer volunteer opportunities within the classroom.
School-wide communications received from Endeavor Hall are helpful and timely.
Classroom communication from my student’s teacher is adequate and helpful.
I feel like I can openly communicate with faculty and administration at Endeavor Hall.
I receive most of my school-related information from: (Click all that apply)
I use Endeavor Hall’s Compass program to access information on my student’s academic progress.
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