2019 Tipp City Chamber Teen Leadership Academy application
This program is for students who reside in the Tipp City or Bethel School Districts. Students must be a Junior entering their Senior year (graduation in 2020) of high school.
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List name of schools and dates attended. (began with elementary, high school and then any post secondary)
Please list any honors or awards that you have received (9th grade to present) or accomplishments you have achieved.
Please list community, civic, religious, social, athletic and other organizations in which you have been involved (9th grade to present).
How has your involvement in these activities helped to develop your leadership skills?
How would you describe your knowledge of community structure and policies?
Check one:
In your opinion, what are the three (3) most pressing issues facing Tipp City today? *
Please give your reasons why and any recommendations for approaching and resolving these issues. (250 word limit)
What are the attributes of a leader? Name a leader and why you admire them. What does it take to be a great leader? *
(250 word limit)
What does community involvement mean to you? *
(250 word limit)
Please upload two (2) recommendation letters.
Letters must come from community leaders, faculty members, club advisers, etc. Only one (1) of the letters may be from a school academic faculty. Letters may not be from a parent, guardian, or relatives. Files need to be named clearly with your name. (for example: Joe_Smith_1rec.doc, Joe_Smith_2rec.pdf
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