TES Family Supports Form
Hello TES Families,

As we head back to school, we want to continue checking in with you about your changing needs and concerns. During remote learning last year, we helped families with technology, schedules, emotional support, and basic needs. We intend to continue this support and communication using this form, whether students are in school or have opted for Virtual Schooling.

Remember you can submit this form multiple times! Please use it for anything you might need and we will reach right out to support you.

You only need to complete the section that is relevant to your specific concerns.

If you would rather speak to us directly, please contact either neddy@mdirss.org or kristel.springer@mdirss.org and we will email and call you back.
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Let us know how your kids are coping right now
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If your child is participating in the virtual only option, tell us a little bit about how your child is handling the academic workload/"live" classes
If your child is participating in the school based/hybrid option, tell us a little bit about how your child is handling being in school
Are there basic needs that you are having difficulty meeting (getting food, childcare, internet, etc.)?
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If you answered yes to the basic needs question please list some of your needs and let us know how we can help you.
Do you have any concerns or questions that are not being addressed? If so, please explain below.
Any other thoughts or concerns you want to share with us? Use this space to send us any questions or comments you may have.
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