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Welcome to the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia. To bring you into this regional family of ecovillagers, food growers, earth advocates, peace builders and the like, we would love to learn more about you, your work, and your passion and interest for joining. Kindly fill in the form below and your answers will allow this growing community to get to know about you, your community and the wonderful work you are doing.
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Tell us more about your ecovillage-related work. Under "Other" you may wish to include things like: permaculture, Transition Towns, etc
Ways you can help GENOA
Can you help with any of the following broad working group areas? Tick all that apply. RED: participation. outreach. volunteer coordination. increasing/strengthening participant involvement; ORANGE: recording inspiring and useful stories. writing, photos, videos, podcasts; YELLOW: administration, operations, fundraising, bookkeeping; GREEN: organising sub-regional and regional gatherings. event coordination; BLUE: communications - newsletter, content editing, web and communications technologies, social media, promoting events; INDIGO: education, training, courses, workshops
Skills or resources you can contribute?
List any skills (e.g. web design, group facilitation, legal knowledge, etc) or resources (e.g. money, land, etc) that you would be happy to contribute to assist the mission of GENOA
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How much time can you contribute?
If you wish to contribute, how much time can you put in? Please be sure that you have included your email address above so that we can contact you.
Potential Partnerships
Are there people/groups/organizations you think we should be partnering with? Please provide a brief reason and contact details below.
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All About You
We would like to get to know you more. Could you tell us more about your journey, your passions, interests and anything you feel we might like to know about you?
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Could you tell us more about your community, organisation or ecovillage work if you are part of one
You do not have to live in an intentional community to be part of GENOA. We are all part of the same village.
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GENOA Gatherings
GENOA plans regional and sub-regional gatheringswithin Asia and Oceania. This provides people the opportunity to get to know like-minded and like-hearted people from the region. Are you interested in attending such a gathering?
What events, activities or workshops would you like to see at one of the GENOA gatherings?
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Other information or questions
Any other information that you wish to provide, comments, questions, feedback etc.
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Information Sharing Options
Are you willing to allow your information to be shared on GENOA's website
This is the GENOA Mandala Process. Each of GENOA's functions belongs to a specific dimension facilitated through inter-relations with other dimensions. Your answers above will help us invite you to a pod and a special working group in GENOA.
Thank you for joining us!
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