NJICL GRiT Ambassador Application
**We will be accepting applications until the close of business on Monday, January 31, 2020**

What is a NJ GRiT Ambassador?

The NICA GRiT Ambassador Program aims to engage female NICA student-athletes in spreading the word about the GRiT program within NICA leagues. The GRiT Ambassador will be a student-athlete representative for the GRiT program, will help raise awareness of the effort to #getmoregirlsonbikes and most importantly, will also be the local advocate and voice for what our female student-athletes want out of the GRiT program. The GRiT Ambassador will play a key role in recruiting and retaining more girls in NICA programs at the league level.

A GRiT Ambassador(s) should be a female student-athlete currently riding and racing in the league she is representing. GRiT Ambassadors applicants must complete the form below or could be recommended by a league coach or chosen by the league director. At the minimum, a GRiT Ambassador will be chosen based on her personality, dedication, ability to inspire other girls to join and ride, communication style, years in the league and location in the state.


1. A GRiT Ambassador should have an amiable personality and should be engaging in her conversations about NICA, the benefits of mountain biking, participating in NICA League programming and GRiT in general.

2. A GRiT Ambassador should commit to attending as many of the NICA GRiT events as possible and encourage the girls in her local area to participate. GRiT Ambassadors may also be asked to attend and support GRiT fundraisers.

3. A GRiT Ambassador will work with the league’s GRiT committee to help plan programs, outreach and recruiting events.

4. A GRiT Ambassador will serve one shift per race in the GRiT tent to help promote GRiT events and encourage other female athletes visiting the tent.

6. A GRiT Ambassador must set an example in leadership and community engagement.

7. A GRiT Ambassador must love mountain biking! You don’t have to be the fastest, strongest, or top rider. We are just looking for girls who want to share their spirit of adventure!
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