Application : Panels and Workshops
Please apply to the proper form for your panel language! If you wish to present your panel in French, you should fill out the French version of this application.
Full name of host (person in charge) : *
As indicated on your photo identification
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Full names of co-hosts :
As indicated on photo IDs
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Alias to publish in the programming :
Optional. If left empty, we will post your real names.
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Host's phone number : *
Preferably a mobile phone to reach you during the convention.
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Audiovisual Material
The material included in the panel rooms : One computer belonging to the Collège (username and password available at the technical support table), a projector with VGA (blue) connection only, speakers connected to the Collège's computer, erasable whiteboards and markers. For any other material, please communicate with us for confirmation.
How old should your audience be? *
These ratings are only to give an idea to attendees. Only activities rated 18+ will be carded. If there is a risk that discussions may turn to mature subjects, they should be considered 18+ (even if they are not graphic or explicit).
How long will your panel last? *
You may prepare your setup 10 minutes ahead of time, and must finish 10 minutes before the scheduled end time to let the following panel set up.
The hours listed are the start time of the activity. Your selection is not a guarantee. Unless we have an excess of panel applications or special requests, panels will begin at 6pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday and Sunday.
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Comments or requests :
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Procedures during the convention
If you have requested particular material for your panel, check the room about 10 minutes prior to the start time. If anything is missing, you can pick it up at the panelists table.

Refunds are 10$ per panel/workshop, up to the full refund of your badge for a maximum of 30$.

When you finish your last panel, you can receive your refund at the info booth near the registration tables. All refunds must be claimed by the end of the convention. No refunds will be given after the event.

As a panelist, you commit to being present and to have purchased your ticket prior to the convention. *
If you are no longer available, please contact us before August 31st. Any panelist who does not show up to their panel or cancels past the deadline without a valid reason and without informing us will be refused as a panelist for the following years.
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