QuForce fellows program application (due 02/01/2024)
The QuForce is the world’s leading community for quantum computing. Over the past year, our community has grown to >300 people, resulting in multiple events and demo projects, such as the ones from Batch 1 Demo Day:
  • Databoard - toward a quantum-secure data licensing ecosystem (Jim Schwoebel)
  • Asymmetric Cloning to Eavesdrop on BB84 Protocol (Elizabeth Campolongo, Brian Pigott, and Hardik Routray)
  • Quantum computing as a product (Alaap Murali)
  • The Quantum Cities Report (Ethan Torban)
  • The Preliminary Unitary API (Jonathan Johnson)
  • Asymmetric bases cloning: A novel approach to cloning-based attacks on BB84 (Siddharth Rangnekar, Nizar Lethif)
We recently launched an Innovation Fellows program to get hands-on experience in a specific area of quantum computing. During this program, you will be paired with a mentor to work on proposing and executing a demo in one of 3 categories: software, security, and education (and you can even pick your own track!). Feel free to browse through some of our mentors/advisors @ https://quforce.org 

Our second batch of fellows (B3) will last from 02/2024 to 08/2024.
  • February 2024 - interviews / selection of applicants for batch 2
  • February 2024 - orientation
  • March 2024 - mentor matching 
  • April 2024 - demo proposals due 
  • April - July 2024 - peak period of work (executing demos)
  • August 2024 - demo day (batch 2)
If you are interested, please fill out the application below by 12/01/2023

We look forward to hearing from you!
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