SURVEY - MACards Course - Professional

Thank you for your interest in the COURSE on METAPHORICAL ASSOCIATIVE CARDS.

While I am writing the course it would be helpful to know what YOU would like to learn about MAC and what you are looking for in a course.

The course is aimed at teaching the principles of working with MAC

WHO is it for?
Counselors, psychologists, therapists, wellness practitioners, social workers, teachers who are interested in working with Metaphorical Associative Cards


Definition - what are MACards?
Roots of the method - How it all started
Principles of working with MAC
Types of MAC decks
Who is this for and not for
Advantages of this method
Functions of MAC
Where to find cards and how to choose your first deck
Specifics of working with MAC (online and in person)
A few practical exercises (techniques)
Ethical questions, agreement with the client

OTHER topics (theory & practice, that can be included in a longer / specialized course):

MAC in Counseling
MAC & Life Coaching
MAC & Business Coaching
MAC & Self-Development
MAC & Art Therapy
MAC & EIT (Emotion-Image Therapy)
MAC & working with kids
Specifics of group work with MAC
MAC for specific groups of people
How to adapt the tool & skills to your clientele

(*) MAC & Divination
(*) MAC & Astrology / Numerology (coaching / counselling elements)
(*) How to create your own MACards deck
(*) Promotion, SMM (social media marketing) for services with MACards
(*) How to start a YouTube channel (basics, strategies)


Q1: Do I need to be a working wellness practitioner to take the course? (psychologist, coach, counsellor, therapist, etc)

A1: The MACards course is more suited for people who do have at least some basic knowledge of psychological topics, and interested in learning a new effective tool. However if you are just starting and looking for "your method" or trying on this profession, it can also be a great way to tap into that field. Depending on your background and experience, as well as personal development, in some exercises in working in pairs (if practical part is included) you might be more often in the "client's" position. At the same time there will be exercises / techniques which provide step-by-step guide for working with MAC and supposed that there is general maturity and emotional intelligence, you have a chance to practice in the role of counselor / coach as well.

Q2: What is needed for the course? Do I need to have Metaphorical Cards for this training?

A2: A few slides with MACards are provided for the sessions / classes.
It is recommended to have at least 1-2 decks for the course in your possession, some tarot or oracle cards decks can also be used (contact in person to show what you have / what's available and I can prompt you whether it is a good choice for the course).

You will also need:

* fairly good wifi connection
* a peace of paper & pen or pencil for notes
* download the Zoom app
* check that video & sound are working ok
* your time & enthusiasm

Q3: How much the course will cost?

A3: It will depend on the length and intensity of the course. The cost will be more or less affordable according to the North American standards.

Q4: What format the course will be held in?

A4: Course will be hold online, webinars will be in zoom; a group chat (in whatsapp or telegram) and there might be a FB group or a group at some other platform (I am looking into a few options); if fb lives are part of the course, they will be hold on Facebook.

If the course is hold as 5 or more weeks, there will be 2 classes per week + homework / practice + 1 webinar per week (with Q&A discussing the homework). In the chat you will be able to find partners for practice, discuss logistical details etc.

If there will be enough people who would like to have a weekend course or a training, it can be offered as well.

Q5: Is the course in English or can be in another language?
A5: Training can be provided in English at first and possibly later in Russian, if there is enough people interested.

Feel free to mention what kind of training and format you are looking for.

Privacy note:
Personal information collected in this form is respected and used only for the purpose of collaboration to ensure a better service.

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Author of the Program
Vancouver, Canada

Metaphorical Cards Counselor (MACards Counselor)
Life & Business Coach (Art Coach)
Emotion-Image Therapist, Art Therapist
Western Astrologer, Numerologist
Crystal Healer, Reiki Level II Practitioner

Member of All-Russian Professional Psychotherapy League (Russia - ОППЛ)
(Всеросийская Профессиональная Психотерапевтическая Лига)

Member of International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR)
INSTAGRAM: lifeinglow
whatsapp/ telegram: +1604-780-7835

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