Listenwise Evaluation
This survey is designed to help teachers understand how beneficial Listenwise activities are to student learning.
The Listenwise content we heard in class increased my understanding of the historical event we were learning about.
Hearing Listenwise stories before reading the textbook helps me understand historical events better.
I would prefer to hear Listenwise content during class, so that I can discuss the stories with my fellow students.
The Listenwise stories help me understand academic vocabulary.
I would prefer to hear Listenwise content at home, so that I can think about the story before answering questions about it.
Listenwise stories help me understand the importance of historical events.
I understand more academic vocabulary from hearing it on Listenwise than I do from reading it in our textbook.
I would prefer hearing Listenwise stories as
Hearing Listenwise stories makes me more confident when speaking about the Social Studies topic.
Hearing Listenwise stories after reading the textbook, gives me a greater understanding/perspective of the historical events.
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