Ullswater Yacht Club 'in season' application for Dinghy Berths 2018 Season.
1. Use this form to apply for a berth for a dinghy or keelboat (dry sailed) and for the Topper racks including rack berthed windsurfers and canoes at Ullswater Yacht Club for the 2018 season.

2. You need to complete a SEPARATE FORM for each boat you want to berth. Click this link for another form http://bit.ly/2CB1x7q

3. Do not use this form for moorings or tenders to moored boats. Contact the cruiser representative or membership secretary, their contact details are on the club website www.ullswateryachtclub.org.

4. Use your correct membership number only. If you do not know your membership number please contact the membership secretary and obtain it before completing the form. If your number is incorrect your application will not be validated.

5. Do not use this form to apply for winter storage.

6. Allocations will be made in the order that they are received. This form will be closed when all the berths have been allocated.

7. Application is online only.

8. The information you give on this form will be used by the dinghy berths co-ordinator and the membership secretary to allocate you a berth for the 2018 season only, to determine your fees and to contact you regarding your berthed boat if necessary. It may be shared with fleet representatives, sailing secretary and racing representatives. It will also be used to monitor compliance with the boat policy (10 August 2017). Information submitted on this form will not be used for any other purpose and will not be retained beyond 31 December 2018. Fees will depend on the size of your boat. Dinghies upto 6m fall into two charging brackets, those below 190cm in width and those above. Different fees are charged for keelboats and boats stored in racks as approved at the 2017 AGM. Details of fees and the boat policy can be found on the club website under 'members documents' in the members area. The current layout of the dinghy park and 2017 berth allocations can be found on the club website in the members area.

9. Do not berth a boat at Ullswater Yacht Club without dispaying the transom sticker on your boat. You may bring your boat to site when you have received your transom stickers. We will be taking action this year to remove and dispose of abandonned boats and it is vital to avoid confusion. Please display them as follows:

Boats with a permanently stepped mast should display their berth sticker on their mast facing forwards directly above the point where the cover wraps round it. If this is not suitable it should be stuck to the transom where it can be checked easily.

Boats that berth with the mast down should display their sticker on the transom where it can be checked easily.

Unidentified boats and boats abandonned at the club will be moved and locked. further information about unidentified and abandonned boats will be sent out in regular club mailings.

Christian Barnes, Dinghy Berth Co-ordinator (January 2017).

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If you do not know your membership number please contact the membership secretary and ask for it before completing this form. Responses that use an incorrect number will not be validated.
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Insurance Declaration *
Club rules require you to have 'adequate' insurance. As a minimum you will require £3 million third party liability. If you race you will need racing risks cover for inland waters. By answering this question you undertake to maintain adequate insurance while your boat is stored, used, raced at Ullswater Yacht Club. Boats will not be allocated a berth if the applicant does not undertake to insure them. You will not be able to submit this form without giving this undertaking.
Is your boat stored on a road trailer or a launching trolley? *
Berthholders may not store the road base of their combi trailers in their berths. Please take these away from the site.
Thankyou and finally...
If you have any supplementary information or feedback regarding berthing issues only that you would like to submit with this application please do so here. IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR MORE THAN ONE BERTH. YOU NEED TO COMPLETE A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH BOAT. DO NOT SUBMIT DETAILS OF A SECOND BOAT HERE.
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