This project is a collaboration between The Sankfofa Project and UR4Africa. The Sankofa Project is an experimental project that feature people of color as the subjects/storytellers via interactive media, oral history, and video projects; founded by Javale Jean-Pierre and Olubusola Ajayi.

Exodus is a response to the issues of police brutality, hate crimes, and other forms of violence and discrimination people of African descent face in not just America but globally. It is a space to re-imagine/re-think about our place in the world and about building bridges.

With the support of our partners the African Diaspora Birthright and other Pan-African organizations we will be hosting travelers from the diaspora to develop this project and other projects to help build unity and exposure to life in various parts of Africa.

By filling the information below you are taking the first steps into participating in this project.

The project is broken up into three parts:
1) Letter
2) Oral narratives
3) Bridging the divide

Take some time to fill the information below. We will contact you via email. If you have any friends you think would be interested in participating in this experiment please feel free to share this form with them.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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