KBC Ride Leader Registration
All KBC Sanctioned Ride Leaders must:

Pledge to conduct rides in accordance with the KBC “Ride Leader Guide” and “Group Riding Guidelines” found on the “Resources” page of the KBC website https://www.kalamazoobicycleclub.org/resources/

Be familiar with information in “What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know,” available at https://www.lmb.org/bike-mi/what-every-michigan-bicyclist-must-know/

Serve as a leader, or sweeper, for at least two regularly scheduled Club Rides, listed at the bottom of the “Club Rides” page on the KBC Website (https://www.kalamazoobicycleclub.org/rides/club-rides/), as well as other rides listed on the KBC Ride Calendar (for example a KalTour ride, an Anniversary Ride, or the W Ride).

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