Registration Ny-Ålesund Glaciology Flagship workshop Oslo 7-8 November 2019
A Ny-Ålesund Glaciology Flagship workshop on Models and observations of snow and glacier mass balance

The Ny-Ålesund Glaciology Flagship is one of four NySMAC flagship programs. The aims for the flagship are to coordinate and integrate international and national glaciological research, in Ny-Ålesund, but in all areas of Svalbard.

The primary aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from the various international groups studying Svalbard glacier mass balance and snow accumulation and melt, to promote better collaboration and cooperation between the groups. The secondary aim is to compare results of Svalbard snow and mass balance models, both with each other and to field measurements.

On the agenda we will present and discuss the following:
-Ongoing mass balance research projects, both field-based and modeling.
-Remote sensing techniques relevant for field programs and modelling
-Frontal ablation/calving for the overall mass balance
-Innovative techniques (e.g. mapping using Surface from Motion, UAVs, terrestrial LiDAR)
-Strategy for future funding of collaborative research.
-A dedicated discussion on the SSF strategic objectives
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