Operation EarthWatch FEBRUARY 2020: "Wildlife"
K-3rd grades: Choose at least 3 activities. 4th-5th grades: Choose at least 4 activities.
Due Date: March 3, 2020.

Download a paper copy at https://sites.google.com/site/operationearthwatch/activity-sheets. Email: earthwatchcontact@gmail.com.
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Let’s find food!
In winter it can be difficult for animals to find food to eat. Ask a parent to take you for a walk outside. Pretend you are an animal looking for food and mark off the types of animal food that you find:
Character Building: Caring
Providing bird feeders is one way to help animals survive the winter. If your family has a bird feeder ask to help fill it. If your family doesn’t have a bird feeder ask your parents if you can make or get one to help birds survive the winter. Did you fill a bird feeder in February? Did you need to refill it? In the space below or on a separate piece of recycled paper with a picture, story or song tell us about the birds that used your bird feeder. (Email attachments to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com)
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Great Backyard Bird Count (February 14-17)
The Audubon Society’s Great Backyard Bird Count runs from February 14-17 this year. You can count birds for as little as 15 minutes in your garden or neighborhood and help create a map of where birds are. Scientists will use this information to learn about bird populations. For more information, go to: http://gbbc.birdcount.org/ (with parents’ permission). How many birds did you report seeing?(Even if you did not see any this is useful information). How many times have you participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count?(Participating every year helps scientists study how bird populations change over time). The more people who take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count the more we learn about birds. Encourage family and friends to count birds too. How many people did you tell about the Great Backyard Bird Count?
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What a view! (Repeats monthly)
Choose a window from which you can see some ‘nature’. You will look at the view from this window each month from October to March. What did it look like in February? Describe your view below or on a piece of recycled paper using words or a picture. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Groundhog Day (February 2)
Superstition says that if a groundhog sees its shadow on Groundhog Day (February 2) then there will be six more weeks of winter. But what is a ‘Groundhog’? Visit Mary Riley Styles Public Library and find out about groundhogs. In the space below or on a separate piece of recycled paper tell us about them using words or pictures. (Email attachments to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com)
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Spend time with animals
We spend a lot of time inside in winter and we don’t spend much time with animals (unless they are our pets). Ask a parent to take you to a museum, nature center, or pet store to have a look at the animals. Spend more time with animals you find unusual and less time with animals you think are cute. What animals did you spend time with? (Email attachments to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com)
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Shopping to help wildlife
Next time your parents do the shopping (online or at the store) ask them if you can help. For each type of item your family needs to buy look for a wildlife friendly alternative. For instance: choose locally-grown organic produce, sustainably-harvested seafood and paper products, dolphin-friendly seafood, more vegetables, fewer meats, or products that donate money to protect wildlife. Did you have to do any research to help you decide what to buy? In the space below tell us about the wildlife-friendly purchases your family made.
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Winter camouflage
Some animals change their color in winter to help them hide from other animals that might eat them. One day before you go outside to play, choose clothes that are a color that will camouflage you in the garden. Ask a parent to take a picture of you camouflaged in the garden and email it to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com, or draw a picture of yourself camouflaged on reused paper. (Email attachments to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com)
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Choose Your Own
Choose your own activity related to the theme of Nature Care (some activity ideas can be found at www.operationearthwatch.org). Complete the activity and describe it here:
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