Qur'an Khani 1440/2019
Dear Parents,

Salaamun Alaykum.
Alhamdullillah we are blessed with another month of Holy Ramadhan this year. We thank all parents to give us this opportunity to help teach our childlren read and understand the Holy Qur’an.
To facilitate targeted teaching and help the children learn in a conducive environment, we will divide the chldren into age groups as follows:

A) 8 - 10 years
B) 11 - 13 years
C) 14 - 16 years

A) 8 - 10 years
B) 11 - 13 years

In addition to learning how to recite the Holy Qur’an, this year we will be focusing on the colours mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the significance attached to it. Towards the end of the Holy month, a competition will be held and trophies presented to the winners and runners-up of each group. We will also have Qur’an Khani celebration night where children can exchange their Eid gifts, apply henna and receive their attendance certificate and presents from the ladies’ committee Qur’an Khani team.
This is a golden opportunity for our children to learn the Quran (both recitation and educational lessons) and we encourage you to enrol them for the classes. All children will need to register before 1st of Ramadhan using the Qur’an Khani 1440/2019 electronic form that can be found on Ksimc website.

Please note, due to health and safety reasons, we require all children to register as they come in. Additionally, we have a strict policy for mobile phones, gadgets and attire clothing whilst attending the Qur’an Khani.

For any additional information, please contact Yasmeen Meghjee on 07773025361.

With Duas,
Ladies Committee Qur'an Khani Team.

P.S. We are happy to take children from the age of 7 years based on their ability to recite the Holy Qur'an. We may assess before confirming their place.

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The competition is based on colours mentioned in the Qur'an. A brief description of the competition:
Each child will be required to randomly pick a colour and make a poster based on that colour. Children between the ages 8-10 will be required to make a poster on the colour given, draw an islamic symbol (eg, Prophet's Dome - Green) attach a verse relating to the colour, memorise the ayah (with makharij and tajweed) and present it to the judges the following day. Children between the ages 11-13 will be required to give the significance on the colour in addition to the above (eg, the colour green gives comfort and pleasure). Children between the ages 14-16 will be required to dig in deeper by looking in to the tafseer of the ayah they have chosen.
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