Crazy Lazy Corn!!! Student/Teacher Book Request Form
Book request form for the students and educators edition of Crazy Lazy Corn!!! by Bass & Onokpise, copyright 2018.
These books have been produced through a research grant from the National Science Foundation, Plant Genome Research Program (NSF IOS Award 01444532).

The copies of this first edition are not for sale or resale. Instead, they are an outreach project and way to share our love of plant genetics, maize mutants, and student learning with both teachers and young students. We appreciate your interest in this fun and educational book. We will rank the requests and if we are able to provide a copy, we ask that you provide us some feedback in the hopes that we can later produce a second edition for sale to schools.

Once you fill out this form, it will produce a database that we will use for documenting its distribution. We will list your school, city, and state, but not your name or email address. We may send you a followup inquiry after you have had some time to use it. For questions about this form, contact Hank Bass at


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