Vermont Shakespeare Festival Survey
After many successful seasons, the Vermont Shakespeare Festival has brought high-quality performances to thousands of people around the state of Vermont. We have experimented with dates, venues, formats, plays, pricing, and fundraising. There have been both strong and lean years. Moving into 2019 the Board is happy to report that we are debt-free. It has been a lot of work of a few dedicated volunteers to get us to this point. Before we move ahead, the Board has decided to make 2019 a year of planning so that VSF will be both a good community partner and financially solvent.

As a loyal supporter of VSF your input and continued support during this planning year would be of great assistance. Below is a brief survey. We also welcome your feedback in more detail. Please feel free to contact VSF at

AND, we welcome your continued financial support during this planning year.
1) How often do you attend theater shows?
2) Are Vermont Shakespeare Festival performances high on your list for theater attendance?
3) How do you find the quality of VSF productions?
4) Do ticket prices ever affect you attending a performance?
5) What would you describe as a reasonable ticket price for a single performance?
6) Which Vermont Shakespeare Festival events have you attended?
7) What is your preference for a venue?
8) Weather can be a make/break for outdoor performances. Considering that, would you be more inclined to buy advance tickets if these were non-refundable?
9) Which of these locations are you most likely to attend VSF Performance?
10) Would you be interested in volunteering for VSF?
Please add any comments or suggestions below:
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Thank you for your feedback. Your comments are a gift that will help inform the future of Vermont Shakespeare Festival.
A financial gift will also help inform the future of Vermont Shakespeare Festival. Please visit to make a donation.
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