Bully Busting Final Review
Congratulations! Now that you have finished each of the modules and 2 reviews, you can take your final review exam. This will cover everything you have learned including modules 107 through 110. I truly hope you have found this course helpful in dealing with bullies. My thanks goes to the Verbal Judo Institute which contributed most of the material you have studied. I condensed it to self help modules and reinforced it by our classroom mat chats.
Mushin means keeping our cool and being confident in ourselves. *
Anger guards means writing down those things that people can say to us that makes us angry. If we know what makes us angry, then we can control that anger better. *
Humor is a word block that can be effective in stopping a bully that is calling you names. *
An apology word block keeps the bully off balance because you are not accusing them of anything. You are just trying to figure out if you did something that has made the bully upset with you. *
A polite threat is a word block that tells the bully that if they continue calling you names that you will have tell someone in authority what is going on. *
Working the crowd can be an effective word block because it involves others against the bully. *
Raising our hands and saying something like "whoa, time out" gives you some time to get control of the situation. This is especially helpful if the bully really gets aggressive and in your face. *
L.E.A.P.S stands for Listen, Empathize, Ask, Paraphrase, and Summarize. *
To empathize is to observe and get to know where the bully is coming from. You understand as much as possible why he/she is acting out as a bully. *
Most of the time, people are not listening, they are waiting to interrupt. *
You will always have better results if you ask a bully to stop rather than telling them to stop. *
When giving the bully options, we always want to give a positive option. An example might be:" can we just stay away from each other so you can quit calling me names?" *
Taking action can either be verbal or physical steps. *
We should always try to find a solution using our verbal judo. *
We should always try to find a solution using our verbal judo skills. *
We should discuss with our parents when it is appropriate to act in a physical manner. *
We have a responsibility to defend ourselves. *
We have responsibilities as a bystander. *
What are the main things you have learned from this course? *
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