linenlaid&felt internship application
Thanks for your interest in working with linenlaid&felt handmade books! I look forward to hearing from you.
The basics
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
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If you're not based in Nashville, where do you live?
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Where do you go to school, and what is your major?
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Tell me three interesting facts about yourself.
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Internship tasks
This internship can be tailored to your interests and skills. Some of the studio tasks that might be involved are:

• Assist with paper marbling and bookbinding
• Measuring and cutting paper, leather, bookboard and other materials
• Prepping materials for bookbinding classes and workshops
• Brainstorming ideas for new products and assisting with prototypes
• Helping out at art shows and craft fairs

• Writing blog posts and press pitches
• Creating and sending e-mail marketing campaigns
• Updating social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)
• Assisting with product photo shoots

• Packaging and shipping orders
• Listing new products on Etsy
• Ordering supplies
• Delivering local orders

Do you have experience with any of the tasks listed above? If so, please describe.
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Which of these tasks are you most interested in?
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Are there any tasks listed above that you are not interested in or would be unwilling to do?
This won't disqualify you — I just want to shape a satisfying internship.
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This internship is flexible in terms of length, start/end dates, and daily schedule. Please share your preferences below.
Which semester are you applying for?
Deadlines: Apply by August 15 for Fall 2016. Apply by January 9 for Spring 2017.
What days are best for your schedule? (Check all that apply.)
What times do you prefer?
Briefly describe your work experience.
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How would you rate your skills?
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Attention to detail
Written communication and grammar
Reliablity and promptness
Graphic design
Precise measuring
Social media
Describe any art or craft experience that you have.
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Do you have a website, blog, or social media accounts? If so, please share links below.
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Tell me why you are the perfect fit for this internship.
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You're almost done!
Have you e-mailed your resume to me?
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If there's anything else you'd like to mention, please do.
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Thanks for applying for the linenlaid&felt internship!
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to e-mail me at
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