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Welcome to the Active24 PRESTON at H.P. Zwar Park, Cnr. Cramer & Jessie Streets, Preston VIC 3072
At Active24, we help people live a Healthy Active Lifestyle through Fitness & Nutrition. All group fitness sessions are FREE and we offer our guests post-session Hydrating Energy Beverages & Nutritional Protein Shakes for only $5 (optional) because we know how important it is to re-hydrate, re-energize and re-fuel our bodies with the required nutrition (vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, amino acids & protein) after each workout to assist us with an effective post workout recovery.
You will challenge yourself to achieve your desired goal(s). Remember that you are only competing against yourself by working towards creating the best version of yourself.
We have a team of dedicated Health Coaches who are passionate with helping people in the community live a Healthy Active Lifestyle. Please refer back to your Health Coach and they will guide and assist you towards achieving your Health, Fitness and Weight goals.
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