World Feedback Survey
Welcome to the World Feedback Survey.

Feedback plays a meaningful role in our relationships, ambitions, successes, and failures. Many of us have received feedback that has deeply influenced decisions in career, partnerships, and education.

Psychotherapist and author Lisa Anderson Shaffer, LMFT is collecting stories of memorable feedback for a study to help inform how we can become better at both giving and receiving useful feedback.

Would you be willing to participate? This short survey takes just 3 minutes and your responses are anonymous.
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Feedback can play an important role in our decisions about career, relationships, education, and interests. Think back on positive or negative feedback you received that significantly impacted your life. Then describe it in 1-2 sentences. *
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Your responses are anonymous, however if you are interested in being interviewed by Lisa Anderson Shaffer, LMFT as part of this study, please include your email address below.
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