Property Owner Interest Form: Belvedere Housing Element Update
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Introduction and Purpose
The City of Belvedere is preparing for the 6th Cycle Housing Element update and wants to hear from property owners who may be interested in future housing development.  For most residential property owners, this would be possible by going through the SB9 lot split process or adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

The information you provide here is not meant to be a formal commitment, but to show your potential interest. The City may contact you for further information. As you fill out the form below, please read the questions carefully as well as the descriptions below the question. Some of the questions are more technical in nature, and you are welcome to respond with "unsure" to any of these questions.
1. If you received a letter from the City about your property, please let us know whether you'd like to opt out of this process so that your property will not be considered for future housing development.
If you did not receive a letter from the City about your property, you can skip this question and click "Next".
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