CONNECT - Bilbao Learning Mobility 25th-27th Nov 2019
If you are a participant partaking in the Bilbao Learning Mobility organised by the CONNECT project, we kindly ask you to answer the following items to help us arrange both the logistics and the content of the event.
The mobility will officially start on Monday 25th Nov at 15h and will end on Wednesday 27th Nov at 17h. There will be a couple of optional activities offered before and after the official schedule:
* Monday morning: optional technical visit to a local cultural organisation (probably the Bilbao Philarmonic Society) for those arriving earlier and willing to learn about the local context (free of cost)
* Wednesday evening: optional guided tour to the Guggenheim Museum (extra fee to be paid; around 10€ depending on the size of the groups formed)
IMPORTANT: Please, remember that during your travel you should keep all your receipts, boarding cards, etc.
Thanks a lot for responding before the 25th October!! Your answers will help us a lot to make the most out of this learning mobility.
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Call for challenges
We would like the content of the mobility to be as useful and inspiring as possible. Therefore, we would like to know about the main challenge you faced during your action research project and how you solved it. In the following items, please think about a title for that challenge and provide us with a short description of the challenge and the solution you applied.
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