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Please consult the dates and fees and terms and conditions documents relevant to your course of choice on this page before applying:

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All courses have a minimum level of English requirement. Please consult: http://celta.wikispaces.com/file/view/OVERVIEW%20TT%20courses%202015.pdf/536969568/OVERVIEW%20TT%20courses%202015.pdf to discover what these levels are now.
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Penalities can range from loss of marks to disqualification from an award and a ban on re-entry for any future awards at any centre for a period of up to three years.
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We publish group photos of successful course participants on our social network pages (Facebook and Twitter). Please feel free to participate in this initiative or not on site but agree or disagree to your photo being placed on our social networks here. You may change your mind at a later date if you so wish.
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Please insert your full name here again and note that in forwarding this form you declare that to the best of your knowledge, the personal information contained in this application form is accurate. You declare you are aware that DEPOSIT OR FEES FOR COURSES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERRABLE. You also CONSENT to being contacted with course information.
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