TaiwanSECB 2016 Mini-Symposium at Tainan

Date: 2016/01/29 (Friday)
Location: 成功大學自強校區電機系館一樓繁城講堂

~10:45 Registration & Tea time*
11:00~12:30 Invited talk session (3 speakers, each 25+5 mins Q & A), Chair: TBA
A. Dr. Trees-Juen Chuang (Academia Sinica)
B. Dr. Ben-Yang Liao (National Health Research Institutes)
C. Dr. Peng-Chieh Chen (National Cheng Kung University)
12:30~13:00 Lunch**: 台南小吃
13:00~13:40 Brain storming session*** (Chair: Dr. Wen-Hsiung Li)
13:40~14:00 Group photo
14:00~16:00 Tour****: 台江國家公園
16:00~18:00 Tour: 安平古堡

*It takes ~30 minutes from the Tainan THSR station to the Tainan train station by train and another ~10 minutes from the Tainan train station to the conference room on foot.

**TSECB members can enjoy free meal and tour bus. Non-members are welcome but need to pay NTD 100 for meal and tour bus respectively if desired.

***The brain storming session aims to promote collaborations between experimentalists and computational scientists and target great scientific discoveries. Thus, we need inputs from all participants. It will be great if experimentalists can provide a brief introduction to their data (e.g., one slide) and theoreticians can offer their ideas about possible analysis for their data in mind.

****There will be a free tour bus on a first-come-first-serve basis (limited to 42 people). The bus is scheduled to return to NCKU about 7 pm. The fee of visiting 台江國家公園 on a boat is NTD 200 (charged separately). All fees are paid on the spot.

Only online registration is accepted (deadline 2016/01/22). The number of attendees is limited to 80, after which the registration will be placed in the waiting list. A confirmation email will be sent three days before the symposium.

Hotel info: http://www.zendasuites.com.tw. If you like to stay overnight, please let us know during the symposium to obtain a discount for Zenda Suite.
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