Youth Empowerment Program
IAS is Partnering with Asian Resources Inc, ARI and OCA Sacramento for this event. Indian Association of Sacramento,, is organizing Youth Empowerment Program, YEP to help the youth, who are in the age group 8-15. The proposed YEP Program will have Yoga, Breathwork, Wisdom, Fun Games and Team Building Activities.

The YEP helps youth with:

-Better stress management
- Improved concentration and focus
- Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness
-Improved academic performance
-Increased self-control and impulse management
-Improved sleep

The interested Greater Sacramento youth in the age range of 9 through 15 can register for the program at


Venue: City Hall Rancho Cordova
2729 Prospect Park Dr, Rancho Cordova

Saturdays: 6/15, 6/22, 6/29  10AM-Noon
Sundays  6/16, 6/23, and 6/30 4.00-6.00PM

If you have any questions, either send an email at or call 916 390 9945
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I am the parent or legal guardian of the child attending the Youth Empowerment program  
By checking Yes , I attest that I have personally reviewed, understood and completed this registration form to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I will be required to personally check-in the participant on the first day of the program. If a child is not accompanied by the parent or legal guardian completing this form, Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS)   reserves the right to refuse participation.
I (Parent / Legal Guardian) permit my child to participate in the Youth Empowerment Program  course (hereafter referred to as “Course”) conducted by  Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS) and their appointed  instructor at the venue and dates above. I have been given a description of the activities included in the course and permit my child to participate in all these activities. I understand that the course requires the child’s full participation  and is committed to attending the full session. I attest that my child possesses the requisite language and comprehension abilities to understand and follow any instructions provided by the course instructor. I understand that  Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS) , its appointed  instructors, volunteers, trustees, directors, and/or founders will not be liable if my child fails to cooperate or follow instructions. Serious infractions such as verbal or physical violence or bullying may result in immediate expulsion from the program.
I (Parent / Legal Guardian) agree that, in the event of medical injury or the evidence of illness, my child may be evaluated, diagnosed, treated, and/or given medication in accordance with standard medical practice by licensed medical personnel. In the event of such medical treatment, I agree that  Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS) and its appointed instructors may disclose my child’s medical information to treating medical personnel. I accept financial responsibility for any resultant expenses related to my child’s medical treatment. I agree that  Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS) ,  its  appointed instructors , volunteers, trustees, founder, and/or directors will not be liable for any injury or pre-existing (known) or undiagnosed (unknown) medical conditions that may occur or be exhibited during, or after, my child’s participation in the course.

I do hereby consent and agree that the Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS)  and its staff/ appointed instructors have the  unrestricted rights to take photographs, record video, record audio of me (and/or my  property) or record a written testimonial from me and to use any or all of these for  educational or promotional materials. I further consent that my name and identity may be  revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary. 

I do hereby release to the Indian Association of Sacramento(IAS)   and its staff all right to exhibit this  work publicity or privately, including posting it on a web site. I waive any rights, claims  or interests I may have to control the use of my identity or likeness in the photographs,  video or audio, and agree that any uses described herein may be made without  compensation or additional consideration of me. 

I represent that I have read and understand the foregoing statement and am  competent to execute this agreement. 


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