7-12 JIA Junior and Senior High 2019-20 Application
The student and parent/guardian must answer the following questions together, since some questions requirement input from both perspectives. This survey is for informational purposes only and will not be scored. Answer the questions honestly to determine if online learning is for you.
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Technology Access *
Do you have internet access at your home?
Credit Requirements *
If you are entering 10th-12th grade, please review credit requirements. Do you have the credits required to apply? (10th grade-6 credits, 11th grade-12 credits, 12th grade-18 credits)
Technology Competency *
Select the statement that best describes your technological competency.
Reading Comprehension and Ability *
Online courses require you to read more than a typical face-to-face course since directions, lessons, and assignments are given through text. Evaluate your reading skills.
Independent learner *
To successfullylearn online, you must be self-disciplined and self-motivated. Select the statement that best describes you.
Responsible Learner *
Online courses require you to be a self-motivated, independent learner. You are responsible for your progress and pacing. Select the statement that best describes you.
Parent/Guardian Support Expectations *
Online learning requires at least 5 hours per day. As a parent/guardian, you must provide an optimal learning environment and daily monitoring to support student learning. The parent/guardian must be comfortable with technology to monitor progress. Please evaluate the parent/guardian learning support that you are able to provide.
Discipline/Behavior History *
Has the student ever received a suspension or expulsion from school?
Application Essay *
The student must write a description of why he/she is interested in enrolling at JIA. Please write a minimum of one paragraph to describe why this program would be a good fit for you as a learner. Please include any background information you feel necessary.
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