Central Appalachian Folk and Traditional Arts (CAFTA) Survey

Central Appalachian Folk and Traditional Arts Program (CAFTA) Survey and Planning Project is a project of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (MAAF) in cooperation with LiKEN. With a talented team of 10 cultural workers, LiKEN will coordinate this comprehensive 15-month cultural study of traditional arts and practices in the 112 Appalachian counties of Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.


The results of this study will inform the development of an Appalachian Folk and Traditional Arts Program designed to promote the understanding, recognition and practice of the diverse folk and traditional art practices present in Central Appalachia.


Please fill out this initial survey form. We hope to be back in touch with you as the study progresses. Thank you for your time.

We look forward to learning more about your work!


If you feel that you cannot fill this out without guidance (or would rather have someone else do it), feel free to email Mary Beth Schmid with questions or to set up a phone meeting.

~She is happy to be of assistance mschmid@likenknowledge.org
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