Invisible Red Tape - A call for stories about the broken education system for dyslexic kids
Tell us about the obstacles you've had to face in order to fight for your dyslexic child’s educational rights!

MIcki Boas, a mom who fought the system and lost, is writing a book, to be published with Simon & Schuster’s Tiller Press.
She wants to collect stories from other families who have faced this outrage to showcase how large this problem really is, and to propose solutions such as more funding, early intervention, and better teacher training.

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The remaining questions are not required for completing the survey. Micki is collecting them to better understand other families' experiences as she researches this book. However, we may want to share some of these responses on social media or elsewhere. If you are open to your responses being shared, please check the box below.
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Please think about your biggest, most outrageous obstacle in getting your child access to educational resources and rights. Please provide an attention-grabbing 10 word “headline” to summarize your experience?
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Please expand on the headline you wrote above with more details. For example, describe how your experience within special needs education began, what was your breaking point, who were your friends and enemies, what made you continue to fight, direct and indirect effects on your family day to day, etc.
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What do you wish the general public knew about your struggle?
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Have there been any really positive experiences along this journey, whether expected or unexpected? What were they?
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What is one thing you believe could cause disproportionate *positive* impact on the system / process of educating your child?
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Imagine that it’s 2040, and you have a grandchild with dyslexia in the education system. We have resolved all the current problems the system faces. Tell us a quick story about what that education experience looks like.
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