CU History Department Seminar Registration Application - Fall 2017
The priority seminar deadline has ended. Please contact Sia at if you would like to be considered for one of the following seminars:

HIST UN3061 Islam and Europe in the Middle Ages: Adam Kosto, M 2:10-4:00P
HIST UN3326 History of Ireland, 1700-2000: Susan Pedersen, R 10:10-12:00P
HIST UN3504 Columbia 1968: Frank Guridy, R 2:10-4:00P
HIST UN3577 Culture and Politics in the Progressive Era: Hilary Hallett, M 2:10-4:00P
HIST UN3766 African Futures: Gregory Mann, R 2:10-4:00P
HIST UN3930 The Eastern Mediterranean in the Late Bronze Age: March Van De Mieroop, T 4:10-6:00P
HIST UN3938 America and the Natural World: William Leach, W 2:10-4:00P
HIST GU3357 History of the Self: Tocqueville: Mark Lilla, M 12:10-2:00P

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