Ground Zero Youth Camp Registration 2023
Please fill out one form per youth. Your registration will be complete once you have filled out this form and we have received payment in full.

WHO:Homeschool Youth ages 14-19 (as of August 1st 2023) with a referral                                                               *you may invite another homeschool youth if you know them well and they would be a good fit for this experience*

WHEN: Tuesday August 8th-Saturday August 12th 2023                                                                                                    *A detailed schedule will be issued as we get closer. Check in will be approximately 11 am on Tuesday August 8th and check out will be approximately 3 pm on Saturday August 12th*
   *If for any reason we do not get the amount of youth we expect to register by June 1st. We will hold camp August 9-12, with one less night and day. This will not affect the cost or quality of the experience*
WHERE: Hideaway Valley Lodge Utah (                                                            *Parents will be responsible to get their youth to and from the lodge. We highly suggest carpooling*

REGISTRATION & FEES:                                                                                                                                                    Early Bird Registration:  (Registration and payments by April 1st)                                                                                    -One time payment in full by the Early Bird deadline, April 1st 2023, cost is $295 total!                                              -2 part payments by the Early Bird deadline, April 1st 2023, (due March 1st and April 1st) cost is $150                     per payment (total $300).                                                                                                                                                   *$50 is NON-REFUNDABLE. No Refunds will be issued after June 1st 2023*
  Regular Registration: (Registration and payments April 1st-June 1st)                                                                           -One time payment in full by June 1st 2023, cost is $325                                                                                                  - 2 part payments by June 1st 2023 (due May 1st and June 1st) cost is $170 per payment (total $340)                  *$75 is NON-REFUNDABLE. No refunds will be issued after June 1st 2023*

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AND ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE JUNE 1st 2023.                                                            Any registrations not paid in full by June 1st 2023, will forfeit their registration and not receive any portion of a refund for payments made.  If someone has paid in full or made payments for their registration and cannot attend for any reason, they may sell their spot to another homeschool youth and must communicate that to us in writing so we can transfer their registration. Anyone making a transfer after registration closes June 1st, will result in a $25 transfer charge.  
Any registrations after June 1st 2023 will cost $375 and will need to be paid upon registration.

PAYMENTS:                                                                                                                                                                                      All payments will be paid by cash, check or cashier's check made to Amanda Hansen. She will be gathering all funds for the camp. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not have a way to collect online payments without being penalized through the apps or online services, which would also result in the cost being higher for you.                                                                                                                                                                 
----Mail all payments to Amanda Hansen 179 East 400 South, Ephraim, Utah 84627----                               Payments must be received by the deadlines above, be sure to post and mail them prior to these dates. Late payments will result in a $5 per day late fee. You will receive a receipt of payment each time your payment is received. Once full payment is received your registration will be complete. Youth Contracts, permission forms and other paperwork will be required before attending. This information will be sent to you once your registration is complete and payment is received in full.


A simulation is the imitation of a real-world process, situation or scenario. This provides an experiential learning process that includes opportunities for feedback, evaluation and reflection. Participants typically role play in a simulated and controlled environment that allows for great growth, learning and failure in a safe and meaningful way.

The theme for our 2023 simulation will be Hunger Games. HOLD ON..... This doesn't mean we are setting up an arena to slaughter your children in- I promise. The foundation of Hunger Games comes from the Roman Empire with their famous "Bread and Circuses." Where the rich and powerful control the weak and exploit them for their own entertainment.
Many of the themes from history, and this book series are playing out again in our world today. We will be focusing on how to stand up for truth and good in a world that is growing ever darker and how to influence the world for good when you are not in the power seat.
We will discuss questions like, How do good people work together to overcome a powerful dictatorship? How do "the people" survive when the "capitol" takes away everything they have? What can a person do to remain true to themselves in the midst of a world that does not value human life?
It is not required to read the books in order to attend Ground Zero Camp, however, it may be to a youth's advantage to know what the story is about when they arrive.

Problem solving, team building and critical thinking are some of the many life skills that youth will learn in a simulation experience. They will learn a lot about themselves as well. Our goal is to provide an impactful experience that will help prepare homeschool youth to face the future with faith, hope and courage.

When our homeschool youth arrive for camp this year, they will be given a role to play and problems to solve in our simulation (SIM). They will also be put into groups with other youth that they will work with in accomplishing goals and challenges related to the SIM scenario throughout the week. Each day there will be "Game Time" where they will work on solving problems in their teams. In the evenings there will be lots of everything youth love-games, free time, activities, sports, karaoke, dancing etc.
At the Hideaway Lodge there are 4 homes connected by a large gym. Girls and boys will be separated for sleeping arrangements with several youth of the same gender per room and a minimum of 2 adult supervisors per house. Each youth will either have their own bed, or may share a bed with a designated sibling, relative or friend. They may also request one room mate of the same gender, to bunk with.

WHY AGES 14 - 19?
For several reasons we are focusing on this age group. First, this is an overnight, for several nights, experience. We expect this age group to be old enough to manage themselves, respect others and the property and be willing to follow the rules.
Another reason is the content of our theme this year. This is a more mature topic that will require some self reflection and maturity to work through. We also want to focus on this age group because they are the ones taking on the world and facing the future as contributing members of society in the next few years. We want to arm them with tools that will help them be ready to fulfill their life missions.

Frankly, we don't want to babysit problem makers. We are volunteering our time and resources to create something wonderful and we don't want it to be hijacked by youth who don't want to be there or don't want to fully participate. We want this to be an exceptional experience for everyone, which, we feel, will require an exceptional group of people participating.
That being said, if someone we know, knows someone who would like to come and would be a good fit with the rest of the group, we are open to referrals. We may follow up with them and make sure they understand what they are committing to, but if you think they are "exceptional" we will trust your opinion.
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