Writivism Festival 2017 Evaluation Form
Thank you for attending this year's festival! In order for us to improve for the next festival, please fill out this form to let us know how we've done!
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Jalada and Transition Launch the Fear Issue
Salooni Panel
Bloggers Happy Hour
Readers Choice Panel
Nothing Left To Steal Launch with Mzilikazi wa Afrika
Aka Dope
Poetry workshop with JJ Bola
Sooo Many Stories Tot Tales
Key Note Address by EC Osondu
#MeIRead Book Club: Blackass
JJ Bola’s No Place to Call Home Book Launch
New Ugandan Writing Launch
Bwesigye Keynote Address
The Gathering
Short Story Day Africa Flow Workshop
Kafunda Creatives Panel Discussion
AMLA Closing Key Note Address by Nii Ayikwei Parkes
How to Write About Sex Panel
Daniel Kalinaki Keynote Address
Awards Night
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At Writivism we take the safety of our attendees and guests very seriously. In the following three questions, please answer honestly:
1) Did you feel safe throughout the festival? *
If no, please give examples of when this was the case.
2) Did you witness (or were you a victim of) any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying during the festival? *
If yes, please give examples of when this occurred.
3) If you reported any case of behavioural misconduct during the festival to Writivism personnel, did you feel that the case was handled efficiently? Please provide explanation below in the comments box. Ignore this question if this does not apply to your experience at Writivism.
What did you enjoy most about the festival?
Which areas do you feel could better improve?
What would you like to see take place in future Writivism festivals?
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